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Physics and Astrophysics Lectures - Part 2

Waves and Modern Physics (Vanier College lecture notes)
1. Simple Harmonic Motion
2. Pendulums
3. Mechanical waves
4. Travelling / propagating waves
5. Sound waves
6. Geometric optics
7. Wave optics
8. Thin films
9. Coherence and interference
10. Gratings
11. Relativity 1
12. Relativity 2
13. Quantum Mechanics 1
14. Quantum Mechanics 2
15 Nuclear Physics 1
16. Nuclear Physics 2
1B72 Exam 2003 - Waves and Modern Physics (UCL)

ASTM001 Solar System - incomplete notes (QMUL)
1. The Solar System (from Planetary Systems lectures)
2. Celestial Mechanics
3. Orbits
4. Light and Matter
5. Gas Giants
Tidal forces extra notes
Rings and shepherding
Albedo effects I
Atmosphere escape
6. Comets
7. Asteroids I
8. Extrasolar Planets
Celestial Mechanics - extra notes [Large 9Mb]
Theories on the Formation of the Solar System - Chaisson & McMillan
Exam 2004 - Solar System
More Solar System notes

Principles of Fields and Waves (QMUL)
Week 1 Gravitational Fields: (Chapter 12 in Breithaupt)
Force and potential
Newton's theory of gravitation
Planetary fields
Satellite motion

Week 2 Electric Fields: (Chapter 13 in Breithaupt)
Field patterns
Uniform electric fields
Parallel plate capacitors
The electrical inverse square law
Charged spheres

Week 3 Magnetic Fields: (Chapter 14 in Breithaupt)
Magnetic field patterns
Magnetic field strength
Motors and meters
Charged particles in magnetic fields
Field formulae for current-carrying wires
Magnetic materials

Week 4 Electromagnetic Induction: (Chapter 15 in Breithaupt)
The principles of electromagnetic induction
Induction motors

Week 5 Oscillations: (Chapter 5 in Breithaupt)
Describing oscillations
Principles of simple harmonic oscillation
Oscillations of loaded springs
The simple pendulum
Energy of oscillating systems
Forced oscillations and resonance

Week 6 Wave Motion: (Chapter 16 in Breithaupt)
Progressive waves
Measuring waves
Wave properties
Stationary waves
Mechanical waves and resonance

Week 8 Sound: (Chapter 17 in Breithaupt)
Nature of sound waves
Properties of sound
Resonance of air columns
Vibrations of strings and wires
The Doppler effect

Week 9 Physical Optics: (Chapter 18 in Breithaupt)
The wave nature of light
Interference by thin films
Diffraction by slits and obstacles
Diffraction gratings and spectra

Week 10 Optical Instruments: (Chapter 19 in Breithaupt)
The eye
The camera

Week 11 Electromagnetic Waves: (Chapter 20 in Breithaupt)
The nature of electromagnetic waves
Radio waves and microwaves
Infra-red radiation
Ultra-violet radiation
Polarization of electromagnetic waves
The speed of light

Dynamics of Physical Systems (QMUL)

Some quick Maths summary sheets - from Stroud
Laplace Transforms
Matrices 1
ODEs 1
ODEs 2
ODEs 3
Partial Diffentiation
Simultaneous Linear Eqns 1
Simultaneous Linear Eqns 2
Approximation ODE Methods
Integration applications
Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors

Vibrations and Waves (QMUL)
2 Introduction
3 Simple Harmonic Motion
4 Damped Vibrations
5 Resonance
6 Adding vibrations
7 Coupled oscillators
8 Many coupled oscillations
9 Wave equation
10 Standing waves
11 Energy in waves
12 Wave Superpositions

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