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More MSci Physics and Astrophysics Lectures

This is not an official course Web site. These lecture notes are here for reference purposes only. Some lecture notes may be incomplete or unavailable. More lecture notes may become available here in the future. (Large files may take a moment to load on a slow connection).

2B24 Atomic and Molecular Physics (UCL)

Statistical Mechanics and Condensed Matter Physics

3C74 Topics in Modern Cosmology (UCL)

Waves and Dynamics (QMUL)

Atom and Photon Physics (MSci)

Electromagnetic Theory (QMUL / RHUL)

Classical Mechanics

Mathematical Methods for Physics - Some Maths lecture notes and short summary notes

3C24 Nuclear and Particle Physics (old UCL lecture notes)

4C26 Advanced Quantum Theory (UCL)

ASTM003 AM and Accretion Processes Lecture 11 (QMUL lecture notes cont.)

More RQM and Theoretical Physics

More Physics Degree Lectures

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