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Physics and Astrophysics Lecture Notes - Part 4

Please note: This site is NOT an official course Website. These lecture notes are for reference purposes only.

2B24 Atomic and Molecular Physics (UCL lecture notes)

Mathematical Methods I (substitute Lecture Notes)

Introductory material
Fourier Analysis
Complex Numbers
Sample problems and solutions

Mathematical Methods II (substitute Lecture Notes)

Complex Numbers
Hyperbolic Functions
Differential Equations
Fourier Analysis 2
Vector Fields
Maxwell's Equations
Line Integrals
Multiple Integrals
Matrix Determinants
Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors
Ch 6 only for more on Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors

MT3LectureNotes (more on Matrices, vectors and operators)

Extra book:
Elementary Linear Algebra - K. Matthews

2112 (2B12) Nebulae to Stars (Astrophysics)

Interstellar Clouds:
Physical conditions. Heating and cooling processes. Line broadening (natural, thermal, turbulent).
Line transfer, curve of growth, abundances.
Photoionized Nebulae:
Physical conditions. Heating and cooling processes; collisional excitation of emission lines. Ionization equilibrium. Absorption & emission coefficients, and the source function. Free-free radio continuum, and radiative transfer.
Stellar Atmospheres:
Radiation transport. Moments of the radiation field. Saha-Boltzmann equation. Local Thermodynamic Equilibrium.
Stellar Interiors:
Equation of state. Hydrostatic equilibrium. Radiation pressure, Eddington limit. Virial theorem, stellar timescales.
Nuclear Processes:
PP chain. CNO cycle. 3- processes and later stages of burning. Neutron capture, r and s processes.

Suggested Reading
The Physics of the Interstellar Medium (J.E. Dyson & D.A. Williams, IoP Publishing)
Astrophysics I: Stars (R. Bowers & T. Deeming, Jones & Bartlett)

2246 Mathematical Methods III

Part 1 - Preliminaries
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Harmonic Oscillator - (HO)

Extra books:
Statistical Physics Problem book - Y. Galperin

Mathematical Methods of Engineering Analysis

Some extra material on Tensor Calculus: (Tensors are not covered in the main maths modules above)

Introduction To Tensor Calulus - Dullemond & Peeters

Introduction to Tensor Calculus for GR - E. Birtschinger (MIT)

Introduction to Tensor Calculus - A. Smirnov

UCL Physics BSc course modules
QMUL Physics and Astrophysics MSc course outlines

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