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Physics and Astrophysics Lectures - Part 5

Please note: This Web site is NOT an official course Website. These Lecture Notes are here for reference purposes only. Some lecture notes may be incomplete or unavailable. More physics and astrophysics lecture notes may become available here in the future.

PHASG421 Atom and Photon Physics - MSci (UCL)

  1. Interactions of atoms and single photons
    1. Processes, selection rules and Einstein coefficients
    2. Oscillator strengths, lifetimes
    3. Linewidths
    4. Exercises to the topic
  2. Lasers
    1. Absorption and Amplification of radiation, population inversion
    2. Examples of laser systems
    3. Mode structure
    4. Laser spectroscopy
  3. Coherence
  4. Strong-Field and Attosecond Physics
    1. Overview, useful definitions and some strong-field phenomena
    2. Some strong-field approaches
  5. Laser trapping and cooling

6. Atoms in Strong Laser Fields

Introduction to Cosmology (Syracuse University)
Cosmological Perturbations
Universe_28a.doc Big Bang (Inflationary) Cosmology
Universe_28b.doc Structure formation (incomplete slides)
Universe_28c.doc Summary timeline of the Universe.

4C42 Particle Physics - MSci (UCL)

Statistical Mechanics - extra lecture notes.

MSc option C4 - Particle Physics (Oxford):
Lecture 1
Lecture 2
Lecture 3
Lecture 4
Lecture 5
Lecture 6
Corrections to lecture notes Particle detectors
Colliders and accelerators

Extra Lecture Notes on Particle Physics:
Elementary Particles
Nuclear mass and ground states
Alpha decay, nuclear fission and reactions
Nuclear reactions cont.
Nuclear fusion in stars
Beta and Gamma decays

2B22 Quantum Physics extra notes (UCL)

Book :

  • The Foundations of Celestial Mechanics
  • Chapter 1 Introduction
  • Chapter 2 Coordinate Sustems and Transformations
  • Chapter 3 Basics of Classical Mech
  • Chapter 4 Potential Theory
  • Chapter 5 Motion under a Central Force
  • Chapter 6 The 2-Body Problem
  • Chapter 7 Determination of Orbits
  • Chapter 8 Dynamics of more than 2 bodies
  • Chapter 9 Perturbation Theory
  • References and Supplementary Reading

    Some Research Papers:
    Hubble Key Project Report - W. Freedman et al.
    Notes on Time's Enigma - L. Mersini-Houghton
    Birth of the Universe from the Multiverse - L. Mersini-Houghton

    Booklist for most of the Physics and Astrophysics degree modules

    School of Mathematical Sciences (QMW)

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